What is it?

An Elevator Pitch is a short description of a solution that explains, in a concise and easy to understand way. Usually it tends to last between 30 to 90 seconds.

The solution described needs to be compelling so the person you are talking to will want to hear some more about it.

Why is it important?

It helps you organizing your thoughts and give you the opportunity to provide the key points that will get the attention from your prospect.

What needs to be in the Elevator Pitch?

A good start is by brainstorming to find answers to the following questions: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What do I deliver?,” “How do I do it?,” “Why is it important to adopt my solution?” and “To whom do I do it?”

Pain points, core needs and the gains have to be customized per different personas and type of business.

Always show confidence when you present your pitch and try to use an educational, humble and informative “tone of voice”

If you need to engage via email or any other written channel you can follow the Harvard-MIT Elevator Pitch structure which also adds the call to action (CTA):

  • Problem: “[Customer Type] are often frustrated by the effort it takes to [Action].”
  • Solution: “[Your New Solution] eliminates the need to [Customer’s Old Solution].”
  • Why You: “For [Duration], [Customer Type] have trusted [Your Company] to provide the best solutions in [Customer’s Industry].”
  • Value: “With [Your New Solution], you can [spend less/make more] [time/money] [Action].”
  • CTA: “I’ll give you a call to learn more about your situation (Get Contact Info). Thanks for your time.”

About the Author gosocialmkt

Experienced Marketing and Sales professional in startups and scaleups companies.

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