According to a CMI report, more than 95% of B2B companies use LinkedIn for content marketing. In my personal working experience with B2B companies, LinkedIn is the most effective social channel.

Although it is more expensive than others, it is possible to create targeted Campaigns to the type of industries, job title, region, etc that you need to engage with according to each different type of content you want to share.

Through LinkedIn Campaigns, it was possible to engage with influencers and decision makers to download whitepapers, watch videos or even subscribe to Webinars. Always very important to look at the return on investment (ROI) and to identify how many qualified leads you brought to the company.

Next to this it is a very good channel to strengthening relationships. It is very easy to interact with your peers or other professionals. LinkedIn offers a Sales Navigator tool which allows your sales team not only to send messages to prospective clients, but also gives you an overview of the companies regarding company turn-over, relevant posts you choose to see and even promotion from saved leads. There are numerous functionalities when your company uses this tool.

It is a perfect channel for the Marketing team to create successful campaigns and for the sales team to reach potential clients.

About the Author gosocialmkt

Experienced Marketing and Sales professional in startups and scaleups companies.

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