Defining “Persona”

Before creating a Marketing strategy you need to know who your audience/target group is. You have to gather some relevant information in order to start drafting your plan and to define your marketing KPI’s.

What info is relevant to know?

  1. Demographics: age, gender, level of education, family status, salary, location.
  2. Department, job title and the industry they work in.
  3. Their role in the buying process: they can be end-user, influencer or decision maker.

  4. What are the pains that your product solve to them?

  5. How can your product be useful to them?

There are many other variables that can be a part of this initial draft of the “persona”. It will depend on the product you are offering.

Then, you need to know a few other variables to define where you will allocate your marketing resources, such as:

  1. Where do your persona find your content online? Which social media platforms are they?

  2. When are they usually online?

  3. What kind of events they are attending?
  4. What are the hot topics which can be related to your product?

It can be challenging to define your target group, however, it needs to be clear before you start creating your plan.